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Montsalvy Consulting is a company that combines strategic analysis and operational backing to ensure long-term support for companies operating abroad.

It offers solutions in line with corporate objectives for investment concerns, business development, strategic visibility, organizational adjustment and protecting subsidiaries’ tangible and intangible assets.
The rapprochement between Montsalvy Consulting (risk control experts for large and middle-market French companies in Asia) and DCA Chine-Analyse (France's expert in Chinese industrial strategies) in 2016 offers a synergy of high-value-added consulting and support services that are unique in France for SMEs and middle-market companies operating in China.

Our scope of intervention covers upstream strategy, and more particularly the analysis of industrial strategies (back office) all the way to operational support and negotiation assistance (front office).

Under the united name of Montsalvy, our venture offers a comprehensive range of services to secure your development strategy with your partners and competitors, and helps you implement a favorable ecosystem for the sustainability of your business.
Laurent Malvezin ■ ■ ■ Laurent Malvezin
Laurent Malvezin is a Peking University, ESIT and INALCO alumnus and former general manager of LKC International (Hong Kong), consultant for China at the French Ministry of Defense and Asia Director at SSF. He is co-founder of the monthly newsletter La Lettre de Chine and a leader of the business network Osons la Chine®.